The Amazing Jellyfish....Real Jellyfish Art Glows in Dark
Glow in the Dark ! The highest quality in the world.
Real Glowing Jellyfish Sculptures  Yes they are real jellyfish and  they Glow in the Dark.

Yes we ship to all countries. We Wholesale!

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Capturing Bioluminescence of a Jellyfish

Brand New Jellyfish Aquariums. This tank comes with everything you need to have a real living jellyfish aquarium. Capturing Bioluminescence of a Jellyfish We ship to all countries.

Jellyfish Art Glows in the Dark.

Mesmerizing Jellyfish drifting into the oceans current. Each piece is hand made inside our studio,using techniques of a time passed.They are the highest quality art sculptures in the market today. Our designs demonstrate the natural ability to Glow in the Dark!  Our studio produces the highest quality art in the market today.

Ever since I was young I was enchanted by the ocean and sea life. We try to design the best product in the market today. We have the most talented artists custom making each piece. You may see a jellyfish paperweight elsewhere, but it will not glow or shine like our designs.


Jellyfish have lived for over 500 million years.They have been around longer than dinosaurs.They have no brain,few organs but somehow survive the test of time.

Our jellyfish sculptures demonstrate a jellyfish natural ability to glow in the dark. Bio-luminescence. They can be used for a beautiful night light, inside an aquarium or as a unique conversation piece. Simply turn off you lights and watch them glow. You will love them.

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Real Jellyfish Art. Glows in the Dark!
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Amazing Jellyfish



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